Hebron Happenings: New Library Opens Near Our New Home Community

As the Hebron Library reopens, we’d like to highlight the benefits this library brings to our new home community. All of Hebron’s new amenities and growth make Rivers Pointe Estates a great choice for families, empty-nesters and everyone in between.

With its grand opening in July 2019 (see news coverage below), the Hebron Library is approaching its first birthday. This gorgeous, 26,000-square-foot facility is located on 1863 North Bend Road, within a 10-minute drive of Rivers Pointe Estates. Going well beyond just books, the library is an awesome resource for our new home community.

Perfect Timing

Drive-Up Window

Although time travel has not been proven, the drive-up window at the Hebron Library begs to differ: Somehow the building’s architects knew to design for our current situation. The drive-up window was the top request during construction, according to Carrie Herrmann, Library Director of Boone County Public Libraries. She reasoned, “[If] you’ve got a little one sleeping in the back, you don’t want to drag him out to come in and pick up your book or what have you.”

Whatever the rationale, this feature is perfect for the current situation. If you have exhausted all the books and other forms of entertainment within your house, a new book is a necessary treat for the summer. The drive-up window allows for you to get your fill without ever having to step foot into the building. 

24/7 Lockers

The Hebron Branch of the Boone County Libraries is the only one with 24/7 lockers. Inspired by Amazon, the lockers are located in the lobby area, which is always available to the public. This feature allows people to pick up their holds at their convenience.

Digital Resources

Also, Boone County Public Libraries have awesome digital resources. You can enjoy these resources online in the Rivers Pointe new home community.

Summertime Showcase

The $10 million library has much more to offer: The outdoor amphitheater hosts events, speakers and a concert series. A venue for other performances, too, the amphitheater has hosted Boone County’s various theater groups. In a typical summer, the amphitheater offers a full line-up of events. 

Innovation Inspiration

Looking for inspiration? Once the library system is fully re-opened, you can check out the Hebron Library’s Innovation Lab. (Be sure to make a reservation online first.) In the lab, you’ll find a 3D printer, laser engraver and photography equipment available to use for free with a Boone County Public Library card. 

A Natural Knockout

This library not only offers innovative equipment, an outdoor amphitheater and wonderful accessibility of resources during this COVID-19 shutdown, but it looks good while doing it, too. A Natural stone exterior with modern design ties together progress with the past. A wall of windows bathes the space in natural light, perfect for reading and work.

Ideal for a New Home Community

All in all, this new public library is perfect for the budding new home community of Rivers Pointe Estates. At the time of this writing, the library has partially reopened, with availability from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

Whatever your level of concern and the safety measures you are taking during the pandemic, the drive-up window, 24/7 lockers and digital resources all provide access to educational and entertaining media. The library also creates a great place for community events and work.

The Hebron Public Library is truly an asset to Rivers Pointe Estates and the welcoming neighborhood that’s evolving here.

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