What Is a Master-Planned Community?

According to real estate investing resource Million Acres, master-planned communities (MPCs) tend to be large, residential neighborhoods. “In contrast to most residential developments,” the site reports, “MPCs are often self-contained small cities with commercial properties and extensive recreational, education and other amenities.”

The developer of the community typically purchases parcels of land to create the community. Then the developer sells sections of it to builders who will then offer new construction homes to buyers of their lots. Construction of the community’s amenities is the responsibility of the developer. Over time, the community may evolve to oversee and “govern” itself through a homeowners’ association. 

Why Choose a Master-Planned Community?

A master-planned community can offer its residences a range of benefits. These can include proximity to services and shopping, increased security and desirable home sizes and styles. Many offer recreational opportunities like golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts or horseback riding. Larger master-planned communities might even have their own schools, libraries, police departments or office parks.Putting all these elements together into a fairly compact area is a draw for residents. Some MPCs have the feel of a small city without the parking problems or perceived security concerns of a larger urban setting. According to Neighborhoods.com, “Master-planned communities often feature less-tangible but just as important features for buyers, such as thoughtfully designed streets and thoroughfares, wide sidewalks, ample parking, landscaping and security.” The community might be gated. 

What Does a Master-Planned Community Look Like?

There’s no one “look” for master-planned communities. For instance, in the south, a community might feature homes with Spanish or Key West style. A community in the Midwest could draw on traditional American styles. You can expect the community to have a unified appearance in landscaping and streetscaping. MPCs are often found further away from city centers than some suburban developments, simply because close-in locations may not have large tracts of undeveloped land. 

Depending on the community’s planned aesthetics, homes in the community may all look similar. However, recent MPCs are leaning more toward variety in the look and size of homes.

Who Lives in a Master-Planned Community?

It’s true that there are master-planned communities specifically for senior citizens or retirees. However, many MPCs appeal to families with children or young professionals. A range of housing styles and sizes can broaden the appeal of the community. Of course, location affects the demographics of homeowners, too. For example, communities in Florida or Arizona are more likely to have retirees as residents.

Is There a Master-Planned Community Near Me?

If you’re looking for a new home in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind master-planned community at Rivers Pointe Estates. Our riverfront development caters to residents with onsite retail and restaurants and plenty of recreational options. In terms of housing, our master plan includes large and small single-family homes, patio homes, condos, creekside cabins, and of course amazing river view homes. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the brand new master-planned community of Rivers Pointe Estates, contact us today or stop by our weekly open house.

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