Design a Dream Backyard for the Grill Master this Father’s Day

Nothing says Father’s Day like cracking corny jokes and listening to the sizzle of patties on the grill. If you are planning to custom design your home, now is the perfect time to start dreaming up a perfect outdoor kitchen grill island for dad.

If you are your family’s grill master, start dropping hints that you need an island to go with it. Then you can use it all summer long!

Why do I need a grill island?

You don’t just want a grill island, you practically need one. With a neighborhood as interconnected as Rivers Pointe, you need a backyard fit to host new friends from all over the community. Outdoor cooking spaces allow you to stay connected to the party without having to leave to flip the burgers or grab extra sauce.

Outdoor Kitchen RPE

Grill islands also allow you to carry the design of your house outdoors so the property feels more interconnected. There are a variety of styles so you can fully customize your outdoor entertainment area.

What do I need on my grill island?

Local grill dealers can help you choose the best grill for your level of expertise. The island itself will be built around the grill. You can choose between a straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, galley or side-by-side island style. Measure the space you have in your backyard and decide how much room you can afford. Your family might not be happy if the island takes up the entire patio.

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Island

The next step is deciding what other appliances and storage the island will have. Cabinets and drawers can be used to store everything from spices to utensils to silverware. Installing a space for a garbage can is a great idea to prevent pesky racoons from taste-testing your discarded leftovers. Appliances like sinks, mini fridges, pizza ovens, warming drawers, a sink and a kegerator are also great additions that are easy to add to a grill island. Just make sure that they are all suitable for outdoor use. As fun as it is to customize with all the bells and whistles, you also want to leave room for counter space.

If you want your kids to hug you this Father’s Day, leave your sweat stains at the gym by avoiding constant runs back and forth between the house and the grill. Cabinets and drawers are a must-have storage solution for the grill island. Some common grilling items you will want to keep close by include:

  • Spatula or turner 
  • Tongs
  • Flat pan
  • Kebab skewers
  • Tin foil
  • Meat thermometer 
  • BBQ caddy 
  • Brushes
  • Seasonings
  • Cookware
  • Cleaning materials
  • #1 Dad mug

Keep your family happy by neatly storing these outdoors, safe from the weather and out of sight from guests.

How should it look?

RPE Outdoor Kitchen

Your Rivers Pointe custom builder can plan out the logistics of your grill island to ensure that everything will connect to the proper utilities and structural support. You have design freedom when it comes to other choices like countertops, finishes and appliances. Gather inspiration from your indoor kitchen or change up the feel of your outdoor area by pursuing a different aesthetic.

The countertop should be clean and durable since it will be outdoors braving the elements year-round. Concrete, stone or tile countertops are great choices. Appliances should also be weather-resistant, as should the material around the base of the island. You can choose between stone, brick, wood or concrete for the facade.

Another fun element you can add is a bar top. You can add one to the side or back of the island, depending on how much space you have. Having a convenient place to rest your drink while grilling is key, and it will encourage others to gather near the grill and keep you entertained as you show off your culinary skills. You can also add string lights or hanging pendants to overhead coverings or nearby trees so you can see what you’re cooking even if it’s dark out.

Where should I put my grill island?

As much as you love your grill, it’s likely that curb appeal will lessen if it is in your front yard. Luckily, the spacious backyards of Rivers Pointe are the perfect location for your grill island!

When designing your yard, consider the proximity of the island to your house. The closer the better in terms of convenience for bringing food outside. Make sure it isn’t too close, though; grills should be at least 10 feet from combustible materials. You also want to plan for a sitting area so you can kick your feet up and comfortably eat your mouth-watering creation.

If you have overhead protection from a patio cover, pergola or awning, you can grill year-round in our beautiful Northern Kentucky community.

Fire up the grill

Are you ready to put in an outdoor kitchen grill island? Tell your custom home builder that you want the hottest backyard in town. Happy Father’s Day to all the champions of the grill.

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