What Is a Patio Home?

A desire for patio homes is increasing throughout the country and has made its way to the Midwest. Although these types of houses are sought after, confusion about what is a patio home is common. Below we answer some frequently asked questions.

What Is a Patio Home?

The term patio home is a bit of a tease in the sense that not all patio homes are guaranteed to have a patio. They occasionally have a slab of concrete that acts as a small outdoor seating area. What really makes a patio home is the fact that it’s attached to other patio homes and are usually a part of a community setting. 

What is a patio home?

Is a Patio Home Like a Condo?

Although similar to condos in that they share a wall (or walls) with another unit, patio homes and the lot they sit on, including the exterior structures, are typically owned by the homeowner. With condos, the inside of the home is owned by the homeowner but outside aspects like walkways, lawns and fences, and any common areas are owned by the condo complex.

Are Patio Homes Good for Aging in Place?

Yes, patio homes are great for aging in place as they typically do not have stairs. Whether you are a young family with small children or an older couple that has trouble going up and down stairs, a patio home would be a great fit. Patio homes are also typically more affordable so they’re great for newlyweds or single seniors.

How Big Are Patio Homes?

Patio homes are usually one story ranch homes. They tend to sit on smaller lots. 

What Amenities Are Included in Patio Homes?

Most patio home communities have some amenities like fitness centers, pools, tennis courts and a clubhouse. Patio home communities may take care of landscaping and maintenance tasks like snow removal, leaving you free to do more enjoyable activities than raking and shoveling. 

Who Builds Patio Homes at Rivers Pointe?

Drees Homes, one of the nation’s top builders, builds the patio homes at Rivers Pointe. You can choose from several different sizes and design layouts. The homes range from 1,700 to 2,300 square feet and start at $509,000 on beautiful wooded lots. 

Can I Customize My Patio Home at Rivers Pointe? 

Yes, Drees Homes will custom build the perfect patio home for you at Rivers Pointe. You can choose a large walk-in shower instead of a tub in the owners’ bath, for example, or add a fireplace to an outdoor living area. 

Still Wondering What Is a Patio Home?

There are photos of the Naples patio home online, but the best way to envision living in a patio home is to see one in person. Why not schedule a visit to the model in the Village at Rivers Pointe today? 

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