Get Smart: Smart Home Technology for Your New Northern Kentucky Home

There’s a rise in smart home technology as more people are spending more time at home, but with the rise of smart products on the market it can all feel overwhelming. Here are some of the best buys in smart home technology for your new Northern Kentucky home

Home Automation and Control Centers

Many smart home technologies are based on automation. Aspects of your home like lights, locks and security systems, water control, your thermostat and  more can be automated. Most home automation is accessed through a control center whether it’s through an app on your phone or a screen implemented somewhere in your home.

Smart TVs

Nearly 85 percent of American households are subscribed to at least one video streaming service. Smart TVs make accessing your subscriptions incredibly easy. Whether you use an Apple TV, Roku, Samsung, SONY or one of many other brands, your subscription services are located in one central hub. When you’re thinking about arranging furniture in your new home, consider where you might want to place a smart TV.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa do more than just play music. You can search the internet, control lights and even access your control center with just your voice. Smart speakers act as your personal assistant for all things digital.

Smart Thermostats

As mentioned previously, thermostats are one of the many aspects of your home that can be controlled via a smart device. Smart thermostats come in handy, especially for homeowners who travel often or have a routine regular schedule. Because you can control the thermostat virtually from anywhere, you can adjust the air conditioning or heat to save energy when you’re not home. You can also set your thermostat on a schedule to automatically adjust the temperature at certain times of the day. By keeping a close eye on your energy usage, a smart thermostat can help you save money and reduce wasted resources. 

Video Doorbells and Smart Security

With today’s increases in online shopping and home delivery of groceries, there has been a significant uptick in the use of video doorbells. The most popular brand is Ring, which sells a variety of security products from video doorbells to security cameras (indoor and outdoor), smart lighting, and even cameras specifically intended for pet owners to be able to check in on their furry family members when they aren’t home. Smart security systems include alarms, automatic response from an agent, automatic motion lights and much more. If you’d like to have this kind of system in your new Rivers Pointe home, talk to your builder while you’re in the design phase.

Robot Vacuums

Is vacuuming your least favorite chore? Then you’d love a robot vacuum. Brands like iRobot and Shark make robot vacuum cleaners that will travel throughout your home using sensors to move around furniture, counters and people with just a touch of a button. You can let them run while you eat dinner, while you do other chores or even when you’re not home.

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