Lights Up: Home Exterior Lighting Ideas

When the days get shorter and nights get longer, we’re reminded why exterior lighting for your home is a necessity this time of year. When building your Northern Kentucky home, it’s important to consider how you will implement outdoor lighting. Here are some home exterior lighting trends that will brighten up your home. 

Lighting for Outdoor Living

If you choose to incorporate an outdoor living area in your new home, it’s important to think about how you will keep it lit up and accessible in the cooler months. If you will have a pavilion, pergola or covered deck, an outdoor chandelier or string lights are great ways to keep the space lit with style. Outdoor lamps are another way to brighten up your outdoor living space and they give you the flexibility to move and change where you want the light.

Pool Lighting

If you will have a pool at your new home, it can easily become a safety hazard at night if it isn’t lit properly. Implementing lighting around the pool and even in the pool will keep people from falling in in the dark. You can also light pathways to the pool and around the pool to safely direct people.

Entrance Lighting

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression: Make sure people feel warmly welcomed right at your front door with lights that illuminate the area and give a hint at your interior style. 

Have a furry friend that always needs that last late-night outing before bed? Placing lights on either side of your door will help them find their way back to the house. Motion sensored lights are also a good choice for when you only need to light up the yard or deck for a short period of time. 

Front Exterior Lighting for Your Home

It’s also important to consider exterior lighting for the front of your home. If you are expecting guests for the holidays, exterior lighting will help them identify your house when arriving in the evening and it will light the way to the car when they leave. Pathway lighting is also great for small children or elderly guests that need some help noticing steps or tripping hazards.

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