A Place for Everything: New Garage Organization

You’ll find it all in an average garage: tools, bikes, holiday decorations, sports gear and sometimes even cars. As convenient as a garage can be, they can become unorganized and cluttered quickly. It can be frustrating to find what you need when you need it. When it comes to a new home, it’s a good idea to start with garage organization in mind.

Where Do I Start?

First, be sure to make it a family affair, so that this project  goes faster and more efficiently. De-cluttering can be daunting, but by clearing out your garage and placing everything on the driveway, it will be easier to see everything stored, and put it into three categories. This includes piles of items to donate, keep and throw away. If you’re currently waiting to move into your new home, taking this inventory of your garage contents is twice as beneficial: You won’t have to move stuff you don’t need and you’ll be ready to organize your new home’s garage right from the get-go. 

Budget-Friendly Solutions

After taking inventory of what you are keeping, split up your garage items into categories such as sports equipment, gardening tools and holiday decorations. Once this step is completed, purchasing some organizational tools may be necessary. Luckily, this can be done on a tight budget. Let’s dive into some staples to have on hand for your organization project.

  • Storage containers can be useful for many items, can be stacked neatly and come in a variety of sizes. There are also different styles to choose from including bins without lids for easy stowing of items or bins with lids for more fragile items. Getting the most bang for your buck is important when deciding on what storage bins to purchase. Don’t spend your money where you don’t need to, and make sure the quality of your organizational tools are heavy duty. 
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  • Shelving goes hand in hand with bins. Getting your storage bins arranged is a great way to condense your belongings into categories.  Placing them onto shelves also allows you to display your items easily and clearly. No more frenzied rummaging around when you need to find the garden gloves or a holiday wreath. 
  • Shelving needs to be substantial considering the contents being stored can be heavy. Fortunately, durable solutions can be purchased for a reasonable price. When you’re ready for garage organization for your new NKY home, check out this comprehensive overview of different types of shelving presented by Yourbestdigs. There are links for the picks included.  
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  • Pegboards make quick work of arranging tools, which are found in almost everyone’s garage. When searching for these tools in a pinch, it can be difficult to sort through a large unorganized tool box. Using pegboards to hang tools out in the open allows you to see them clearly and get the job done quicker. 
  • Home Depot offers a helpful guide for organizing your array of tools in the most efficient manner on a pegboard. 
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Start Garage Organization in a Brand New Home

Rivers Pointe Estates allows you to create a custom home for your family, including a brand new garage that can be a space for your storage needs. 

Make memories in your new custom home with our builder team that understands the importance of finishing touches. Request more information on our creative processes and learn more about our custom homes. 

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