Exterior Decor Ideas: All the Extras for Your New Home

Once your beautiful new home is finished and has been furnished with your desired style, you can start to decorate your outdoor space for comfort, while also creating an inviting impression for guests and visitors. Don’t get overwhelmed by the decorating options: Start by boiling it down to the basics.

Eye-Catching Address Numbers

A simple way to add a little personality is to get creative with the display of your address numbers. You can start by using a distinctive font: Just be sure it’s visible and readable from the street. A unique font to consider includes anything in the sans serif family. These fonts could make your home stand out from your next door neighbor and also add a sleek look to your home. Here is a guide for discovering more styles to choose from. 
You can take it a step further by placing your numbers somewhere other than your mailbox or above your front door. There is a wonderful opportunity to create an eye-catching moment and play up your favorite areas outside your home. For example, if you have an oversized planter near your front door, consider adding your address numbers on it.  There are many ways to display your address, so check out some more ideas here for inspiration.

Comfortable Seating

Front porch living is not complete without a space for seating arrangements that provide an area for enjoying your morning coffee or a good book. With so many options, one way to narrow down your choices is to keep in mind the size of your space and your budget. Let’s go over some possibilities to consider when finding the seating that’s just right.

  • Cushioned chairs invite you to linger just a bit longer.
Photo courtesy of Laine and Layne
  • Rocking chairs are a timeless classic that will never go out of style.
Photo courtesy of Lowes
  • Hanging chairs have a charm all their own and make the perfect place for reading or just relaxing.
Photo courtesy of HGTV

Space Utilization

Next, when making your decision on exterior decor ideas, you need to consider the space you are working with. Do you have a small space or large? If it’s on the smaller side, one tip is to use symmetry when picking out your furniture. It creates a refined look for your space, without adding busyness. Better Homes and Gardens has outlined more tips for making the most of your small front porch. 


Once you have created a comfortable space on your front porch, while displaying your address in a unique way, it is time to add the finishing touches and let your personality show. Add a wreath to your front door, and include greenery for your house entrance. Your new home will be both attractive and comfortable. 

Exterior Decor Ideas and Finishing Touches

Your home should be a place to let your personality shine, which includes your front yard as well. Rivers Pointe Estates provides a range of home styles and sizes that cater to your needs while being gorgeous on the outside. You’ll enjoy unique curb appeal and all the community amenities you and your family want most. Learn more about what Rivers Pointe Estates has to offer, and check out our builders and the unique style homes they’re crafting in our master-planned community.  

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