House Hunting? 5 Smart Reasons to Build Now

With the new year comes new visions, goals and motivation. That motivation is often geared toward moving to a new home. Before you decide to buy an existing home that you may have to renovate, consider these five smart reasons to build a brand-new home now. 


One of the best parts about building your home is all the customizable features. You can make the design fit perfectly to your lifestyle and family. Whether it be a walk-in pantry, first-floor primary bedroom, double ovens or the ultimate outdoor living space, the customization of a new home can add significant value to your home and simplicity to your life. 

Lot Availability

Lot availability plays into the ability to customize a new construction home. Being able to choose exactly where you want your home is a luxury we often overlook. If there’s a community you love in an area you’d like to stay for a while, waiting to build your home will limit your lot options, especially if you’re ready to build during the early stages of a community release. Rivers Pointe Estates currently offers a wide range of lots, but they’re in high demand, so consider scheduling a tour with our developer or visiting our model homes soon.

Steady Housing Market

Unlike more volatile regions of the U.S, the Midwest housing market is still steady regarding home costs and market costs. Right now, there are tons of buyers looking, so selling an existing home should not be difficult. Investing in a home you love pays you back every day by appealing to your sense of style and matching up with the way you want to live. 

Competitive Rates

At Rivers Pointe, our builders work hard monitoring rates daily to get you the most competitive offerings possible. The builders at Rivers Pointe have been hand selected to bring the best options and prices to residents. This diligence is one of the best reasons to build now in our master-planned community. 

Long-Term Savings

One of the top reasons to build now is the long-term savings and benefits that come along with a new home. You won’t have to worry about maintenance and expired warranty hassles with old appliances. Your new home will come with energy efficient features that can save you cash on bills month after month. Ultimately, with a new home comes lower maintenance costs, fewer repairs, updated features and the latest designs. 

Reasons to Build at Rivers Pointe

Build your new home at Rivers Pointe and reap the benefits of a customized home, hundreds of acres of greenspace, over six miles of walking trails, a community pool and so much more. Check out our builders page for more information on the wide range of housing styles and types available at Rivers Pointe.

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