Building a New House: Windows 101 

When building a new house, thinking about natural light is extremely important. The pros who design and build new houses know that windows will help create beauty in your space, and contribute to happiness and comfort of everyone who lives there. 

Placing windows in appropriate spots, choosing the right materials and taking the overall aesthetic of your home into account can make or break your living experience. As you consider the look and feel of your new house, here are some basic window concepts to discover.

Types of Windows

There are many different types of windows available when building a new house. They vary in functionality and style. As you consider plans provided by new home builders, you’ll most likely see these types of windows included in the blueprints: 

  • Double-hung windows are the traditional choice, with two vertically sliding sashes to offer versatility and easy, accessible use. 
  • Casement windows are hinged on only one side and open outward, typically with a crank handle. They are known to provide excellent ventilation and protection against air leakage. 
  • Sliding windows fit best in contemporary homes and operate by sliding open side to side on a track. These windows are typically larger and can be placed in living areas to provide an abundance of natural light. 
  • Picture windows are fixed and cannot be opened or closed; they fit best on high walls and surfaces. You can find fixed pane windows in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. 

Window Materials

Each window material offers  a different aesthetic and sense of durability. Choose a material based on your intentions for the look of your home, and factor in weather and other external forces. 

Vinyl is a popular choice, with low required maintenance. For a different approach, try wood, which will add a timeless warm look to any space. Keep in mind that wood windows require regular maintenance. Modern homes often utilize aluminum windows, which are lightweight and durable. For maximum durability and low maintenance, opt for fiberglass windows.

When building a new house, ask the builder about the types of windows included in their homes. What are your options in terms of window color? How are the windows rated for energy efficiency? Will they be easy to clean? What kind of maintenance is required? 

Style and Aesthetics

What aesthetic do you want your home to give off, or what message do you want to send to your guests? Do you value outdoor access and natural lighting? Opt for large, sliding windows. Is your home more traditionally designed? Include vinyl windows with divided lights for a classic touch. If you’re considering building a one-of-a-kind custom home, it may even be unique and artsy, in which case you could try a variety of different window styles and shapes.

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