More to Discover: Your “Moving to Cincinnati” Checklist

Cincinnati is often referred to as a hidden gem that has seen an increase in popularity over the years. Its vibrant social scenes, like the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage. Beyond its historical and social appeal, Cincinnati has renowned attractions like its award-winning zoo and famous sports teams in the NFL and MLB. The city thrives with activity and offers work with global leaders alongside a bustling startup community. The reasons continue for why moving to Cincinnati is the right decision. 

Here’s a checklist of the top amenities you’ll discover in the greater Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati area.

1. Access to Domestic or International Travel

Whether you travel for fun or business, having a quick commute to an international airport is a plus. Hebron, Kentucky, where Rivers Pointe Estates is located, is just a short distance from CVG airport. This proximity not only caters to travel but also enhances the community’s connectivity to global destinations. If you’re moving to Cincinnati, but enjoy traveling in the U.S. or abroad, check out the non-stop flights from CVG

2. Access to Nature and Outdoor Activities

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents love to be outside. You’ll find many parks and trails to explore throughout the area, from smaller parks within the city to larger county and state parks where you can spend all day enjoying nature by biking, paddling or hiking. 

Right here at Rivers Pointe, we offer scenic trails to explore, plenty of green space and panoramic views of the Ohio River. There are also opportunities to ride the horses at the stables and coming soon is the RIVERWORKS Community Club where more activities will become available.

3. A Vibrant Downtown

With a wide variety of neighborhoods on both sides of the Ohio River, moving to Cincinnati opens doors to vibrant entertainment, cultural events and a diverse dining scene. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect spot for a date night or a night out with friends with so many options. Some of our favorite neighborhoods include Covington’s Mainstrasse and Newport, Kentucky, which are both just minutes from Rivers Pointe. 

4. Good Community Atmosphere and Demographics

The Greater Cincinnati-Nothern Kentucky metro area is home to more than 2.2 million people. At Rivers Pointe Estates, you’ll find a wide variety of families, professionals and individuals seeking a sophisticated yet welcoming environment. We strive to be an inclusive space where residents feel comfortable meeting one another. This carefully curated atmosphere fosters connections, creating a sense of belonging within an upscale setting.

5. Local School Quality and Education Opportunities

In Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, families find a variety of choices in public, private and parochial schools. Here in Hebron, parents find assurance in the high-quality schools and educational programs surrounding Rivers Pointe Estates. The neighborhood’s proximity to educational institutions ensures a nurturing environment for children, promoting their growth and development within a supportive community.

6. Healthcare Facilities

As you consider relocating to a new city, healthcare can be a factor to consider. In Greater Cincinnati-Nothern Kentucky, residents benefit from proximity to top-tier healthcare services. The accessibility and quality of healthcare facilities within reach provide a sense of security, ensuring residents are taken care of well. Cincinnati ranks high for quality healthcare, including its renowned Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which has been named #1 in the nation. Knowing that the best healthcare is close by is a game-changer when choosing a place to settle down.

7. Shopping and Dining Options

With a big city so close and suburban small shops there are many shopping and dining options to choose from. You can find your favorite stores or new boutiques with handcrafted items to purchase and then grab a bite at one of the many food options. Cincinnati is a diverse city that has a wide array of cuisines to choose from and enjoy. You can try a new place every month and make it an occasion. Cincinnatians like to support and champion their local favorites: Ask a native or long-time resident about their favorite chili place and you’ll get an enthusiastic answer. 

8. Public Transportation and Commuting Options

Cincinnati Metro and Northern Kentucky’s TANK bus system provide public transportation around the area. Within the city, there’s free transportation through the Connector. This streetcar makes traveling so much easier between the Banks area and OTR. The ease of commuting from Rivers Pointe Estates is a notable advantage, with accessible public transportation systems contributing to stress-free travel within and beyond the neighborhood. This streamlined connectivity enhances residents’ mobility and accessibility to the broader Cincinnati area. 

9. Local Culture and Entertainment

Cincinnati’s vibrant cultural offerings seamlessly integrate with the lifestyle at Rivers Pointe Estates, offering a diverse range of experiences for its residents. From museums to theaters and the renowned Cincinnati Zoo, residents have a number of cultural and entertainment options at their fingertips. Throughout the year the city celebrates various cultures so staying in tune with the local events is a great way to find new experiences. Two major events not to be missed are Oktoberfest Zinzinnati and the Cincinnati Reds opening day parade

10. Safety 

If you’re relocating to a new area, you want to know it’s safe. Rivers Pointe Estates prioritizes safety, featuring state-of-the-art security measures and well-lit streets to ensure residents’ peace of mind. This secure environment creates a sense of sanctuary, allowing residents to relax and enjoy the community’s amenities without worry. Living where you feel safe is such an important piece of finding the right place to live.

11. Cost of Living and Housing Market

Compared to other parts of Cincinnati, Rivers Pointe Estates stands out for its value and investment potential. The quality living spaces and enticing home design options add to its appeal to those seeking an elevated lifestyle in the city. The location itself is a unique place and with so many other amenities available, you’ll want to tour our model homes.

12. Local Job Market

Cincinnati offers many major employment centers for professionals seeking exciting career opportunities. This convenient access to diverse job markets adds to the community’s appeal as an ideal residential destination. The job market continues to develop and thrive with the city’s growth and new companies on the rise.

Planning on Moving to Cincinnati? 

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