Choose a Pet-Friendly Community at Rivers Pointe

Our pets are like family. So much so, they can influence where we live. That’s why we designed our pet-friendly community at Rivers Pointe with your furry family members in mind. Here’s why your pets will love Rivers Pointe Estates.

pet-friendly community trails

Cats and Dogs

In choosing a pet-friendly community at Rivers Pointe, you and your outdoors-loving pet will love that we’ve preserved 20 percent of our 400 acres as natural beauty. While you reap the benefits of our 6 miles of trails, you and your dog who is obsessed with going on walks can take in the natural beauty of Rivers Pointe. Your cat will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature right in your backyard whether it’s through stunning windows in your dream home or a screened-in porch.  

A Home for Horses

At Rivers Pointe, our pet-friendly community includes all pets, big or small. Rivers Pointe Estates is located next to Rivers Pointe Stables where you can board your horse or take riding lessons whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider. In the mood to venture out on horseback? Our trails at Rivers Pointe are  open to riders. Even if you’re not an equestrian, as a community resident, you’ll enjoy seeing horses grazing in the pastures every day.

pet-friendly community for horse

Designing Your Pet-Friendly Home at Rivers Pointe

The core of a pet-friendly community starts at home. Designing a home with your pets in mind will make both of your lives easier. Here are some pet-friendly features to keep in mind:

  • Keep your floors spotless with a “dog wash” integrated into your mudroom, laundry room or near your back door for conveniently washing your dog’s muddy paws before they track it in the house. 
  • A pull-out shelf in your lower kitchen cabinets with your cat or dog’s food and water bowls for easy access and concealing.
  • Pantry shelves to store large food bags.
  • Designated spaces for dog beds, leashes, waste bags and other accessories.
  • A place for litter boxes that is easily accessible to your feline family members but is out of the way. Think about including storage for litter, trash cans and liners.

Your Pets Will Love Rivers Pointe

Ready to choose a pet-friendly community? Contact us today to get more information about why your pets will love Rivers Pointe.

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