Wallpaper Ideas for the New Year

Wallpaper is a fun way to spruce up your home, and adds a little bit more personality than paint. However, using wallpaper can be a bit intimidating due to the fact that there are so many choices and applying it correctly might seem difficult. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks. Here are wallpaper ideas for your new Northern Kentucky home.  

So what’s new with wallpaper? 

First, let’s establish how the world of wallpaper has changed in the last couple of years. It is true that in the past, wallpaper was deemed “ugly” and “outdated,” but it is now trending in many ways. Colors, designs and styles within the wallpaper world are taking on a different role. Let’s dive into some ways wallpaper can be wow-worthy.

Pops of Color

Neutral colors have been quite popular in home design, but there has recently been a shift to the desire for a bright living environment. Some colors that have been used widely include shades of blue and hues of green which provide an eye-catching and bold moment for your new home.

Unique Design

Your grandmother’s wallpaper was once popular, but we now enter a new era of variety. Floral patterns have always been a classic, but now the options are endless and the designs often supersized for big impact. Geometric designs are fun and funky, and add dimension to a space.  Abstract wallpapers are also on the rise, creating another  way to showcase art.

Ways to Utilize Your Wallpaper

The innovation of installation has also been a changing factor when it comes to wallpaper. Wallpaper is used in many different ways, so you’re not limited to only covering entire rooms in your desired pattern. The possibilities are endless, including accent walls that tie in the colors of the room. One idea is to rejuvenate your powder room with a splash of style for your guests to enjoy. However, don’t limit yourself to wallpaper on just your walls. You can get pretty creative with a roll of wallpaper, even adding it to your furniture. This is an easy DIY project that does not require much of a crafty eye for successful completion, and is a simple way to decorate on a tight budget.

Installation in Your Home

Adding wallpaper to a room can be a bit complicated, but there are many guides on how to successfully hang your wallpaper. Family Handyman gives a great overview of tips and tricks for your wallpaper, as well as all tools needed to complete your project. This is a great option for someone with an artsy eye and a tight budget. However, this process can be a bit tedious and involves a large time commitment.  The alternative for this project is to hire a professional, which costs a bit more, but you can avoid the headache of small details. 

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