New Pantry Design and Organization

Some home trends come and go (remember harvest gold appliances?) but others will never go out of style. A pantry is one of those timeless necessities. As humans we will always need somewhere to store food and other common household items. To keep all those things easy to find and use, here are things to consider for new pantry design and organization. 

What Will You Store in Your Pantry?

Before you can design anything in a home you have to first consider its primary purpose. Do you intend to use your pantry to mainly store food? How about small appliances and pet products? Would your pantry be the place to put recyclables, tablecloths, brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies as well? When brainstorming the list of things you do want to keep in your pantry, you will likely come up with a few things you know you do not  want to keep there as well. To make sure the unwanted items don’t creep into your pantry, consider designating a place for them, like in a mudroom, laundry room or coat closet.

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How Will You Organize?

Oftentimes new home pantries will come with open or wire shelving that the builder installs. Getting the most out of the shelving is all about organization. Utilizing containers or bins of several different sizes and labels is a great way to divide up the space. You may also want to consider hanging units with cubbies if you don’t have lots of shelving. These hanging cubbies can also be great for storing non-food items or storing snacks where small children can reach. Hanging storage can also help you take advantage of the inside of your pantry door.  Another great tip is keeping the most used items and food at eye-level so you and your family have easy access.

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Original Packaging vs Reusable Packaging

A more recent trend in pantry and food organization is storing dry foods in clear containers. It makes for more cohesive organization that doesn’t look as cluttered. Plus, the clear containers make it easy to identify the contents and see what you’re running low on.

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Non-Food Item Organization and Accessories

When it comes to small appliances, cleaning supplies and other non-food items, there are several ways you can keep them clutter free. Utilizing shelves for less-used appliances like a slow cooker or air fryer, is an obvious go-to. You could also consider storage hooks for things like pots, pans and utensils. Installing a pegboard will give you optimal space for hanging tools as well. Include LED light strips above shelves and the ceiling of the pantry to make things easy to spot.

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